Bedroom Tax: New Study Shows That Half Of Those Hit By Hated Levy Are Now In Rent Arrears

One in three ‘behind on rent’ since housing benefit changes

“People are trapped. Sovereign Housing Association, which took part in the NHS study, has 2,360 households affected by the Bedroom Tax and the majority are now in arrears. Chief executive Ann Santry said: With huge demand for affordable homes we recognise the need to maximise the use of every room and so were investing heavily in supporting our residents to adapt to the changes wherever possible. However, six months in, we are seeing the most vulnerable families, couples or individuals on the lowest incomes beginning to struggle. The Bedroom Tax will save just 500million, according to official figures.
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Liam Byrne (Pic:Getty)

It means that housing benefit was cut to tenants in a council or housing association property who are deemed to have bedrooms they do not need. The Department of Work and Pensions said the policy is in its early stages and it was “carefully monitoring the policy nationally, ensuring the extra funds to support vulnerable tenants are used well as these changes are introduced”. False Economy’s report is the biggest study of the effects of the benefit change carried out so far. None of the 50,000 tenants were in arrears prior to the benefit changes. ‘Only get worse’ The council with the greatest percentage of tenants who had fallen behind was Barrow in north-west England.
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Lower rent to tongue patches — incentives aim to help people lose weight

The idea that you put this patch in your mouth and every time you take one morsel of solid food you get this stabbing pain, who the heck knows what the long-term consequences of that are? said Dr. Rob Huizenga, a weight loss expert in the ABC segment . Theres not one scintilla of hope original site or evidence that putting a patch on your tongue and not being able to eat for a month is going to have any effect on you at one year, or two years, or three years. Japanese Rooms for Rent: Weigh Less, Pay Less Rental rates for shared houses are usually determined by location and the number of rooms. But at one shared property in Osaka, Japan, the monthly cost has nothing to do with the size of the structure. It’s all about the size of the resident. (July 23) Abby Stevens is a writer for the Faith and Family sections.
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